Our desire is to see genuine reconciliation and unity across racial, socio-economic, generational, and denominational backgrounds. We fully believe that those pursuits are only truly capable once we’ve been reconciled to our Creator, through His Son Jesus Christ.

The Church At White Knoll strives to be a church that relentlessly pursues people of all backgrounds to help them discover the joy and fulfillment of a true relationship with Jesus rather than a mere historical or impersonal religion.  Prioritizing ‘going’ over ‘inviting’ The Church at White Knoll will become a church active in the life of the community, and it’s members active in the lives of their neighbors, with the goal of helping them cross from spiritual death to life, and life abundant.



“Seeking and walking with people into a devoted relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ.”


People are naturally far from God.  God uses His children to actively search for and pursue those people that do not yet know Him in order to reconcile them to Himself.  


Faith is a journey.  We all enter at different times and at different points, but we’re striving for the same destination.  

With People

Faith is not a private journey.  It is one that is to be done together.  It gets messy at times.  It gets exciting at times.  But it’s never to be done alone.

Devoted Relationship

Our destination is not a place.  We’re not simply striving to get to Heaven.  Our destination is a relationship.  It is a deep, loving connection with God that was modeled in the Garden of Eden.  

Through Jesus Christ

The only way to God is through His Son Jesus.  Religion, morality, nor church participation can make you right with God.  It is only through a dependence and faith in Jesus that bridges the gap sin has created.  



Gospel Centered

Man is naturally hostile towards God and his greatest need is to be reconciled to Him. We will work diligently to make the Good News of Jesus’ sacrifice on behalf of sinners the core message in all that we do.  1 Corinthians 15:1-4

Scripture Driven

The Bible is our textbook.  It holds the utmost authority in our lives.  With the help of the Holy Spirt, we will lead according to its teachings and teach with passion its principles.  We strive to bring its truths to life, keeping it practical and accessible to all. Matthew 5:17-19

God Glorifying

We meet together to corporately worship God and give Him our full attention. Our aim is to magnify and please God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit in everything we do on campus and off. 1 Corinthians 10:31


In a culture that segregates people at every opportunity, we strive to unify at every opportunity. We are a church dedicated to age integration and multigenerational discipleship. Since Heaven will be a place of harmony and unity among all races and ethnic groups, we believe God’s church should model that unity here on earth as well.  We are a church that intentionally seeks to accurately reflect the racial and ethnic demographics in our community. We are inclusive of all people that desire to pursue a true submissive relationship with Jesus Christ.  James 2:1

Service Oriented

Touched by God’s grace, we become gracious people. Many churches plead with their neighbors to come to them instead of following Jesus’ example and going to them.  We are a go-and-serve church that intentionally infiltrates the community with service and love.  We will seek ways to demonstrably love people and present them with the Gospel both across the street (local) and across the sea (global).  Acts 20:35